Achieve the life that you desire.
Reach your earning potential.
Turn your dreams into REALITY!
It's All Possible With
The Duraclean Franchise System
These Franchisees have made their dreams come true with Duraclean. Mouse over a photo to see how they did it.
Your dreams CAN come true. You create the life that you want. Here's How:
Recession-proof industry
Most of the water damage problems you solve will be paid by your client's property insurance.
The Sky's Your Limit
Your Duraclean business will operate in an industry that will allow you to be rewarded for your commitment to business growth.
Success Institute
Your training will be segmented into the following categories; Management, Sales and Marketing, and Technical Applications.
On-going Support
You will be assigned a Personal Start-up Counselor, an individual at Corporate that is available to monitor your progress.
Veteran's Program
Recession-proof industry
For all Veterans we offer special pricing for the Duraclean Franchise License and for Veterans discharged within the past 24 months.